We Send Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes to Australia

We Send Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes to Australia

Djarum Black is a new innovation. Since its success with the first variant, the company has working hard to provide other great innovations. As a result, the cigarette now comes in some types. You can even find the one with menthol flavor. However, the cigarette is not aimed for men merely. Women can also consume the cigarette. Try to smoke one after youhave a dinner. You will experience something extraordinary.

We send Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes to Australia, We suggest you to order only 1 carton per order if you are not willing to pay extra money for duty taxes. The maximum quantity for international acceptance limit is 10 packs or 200 cigarettes. However, we not guarantee that no duties will be charged as the policy for importing tobacco products is vary from place to place. If you place a larger than 10 packs or 200 cigarettes order, you will always have to pay duty taxes by your own.

Shipping Information

[quote]All orders are shipped within 2-3 days once your credit card has been validated, excluding weekends and holidays. In order to avoid fraud and to protect our valuable customers we ship from Indonesia via Express Mail Service (EMS) (estimated arrival time 3 – 14 business days). You will be provided with EMS Tracking Number so you can always track your order shipment.

All orders ship from our fulfillment center in Jakarta, Indonesia through Indonesian Postal Service with Express Mail Service (EMS) with estimated arrival time in 4- 11 business days. You will be provided with EMS tracking ID so you can always track your order shipment.[/quote]

Delivery Time

[quote]The goods will arrive within 4 – 11 business days, depend on the destination, for express shipping. Please notice that in some rare occasions it may take 21 – 28 business days. Please be advised that if you use forwarding address, the delivery time can take longer.

In the even that you do not receive your packages within 25 days, these packages are declared lost or stolen and we guarantee to resend you the packages or to fully refund you the money for your order. But if your package was detained by customs, you must to wait until status your package clear. If your package return to us, for a resend fee you can see in http://ems.posindonesia.co.id[/quote]

Please remember that you must mention your complete a valid shipping address while registering and placing orders. If the address is incomplete, you may not qualify for a refund as we are helpless in case of refund claims for orders which show incomplete shipping address. Always double check your postal code, city, state, street name, and building number. The more descriptive address you give, the less the trouble you would face at the time of delivery..