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Djarum Super Clove Cigarettes

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Product Description

Djarum Super is Filter Clove Cigarettes. Djarum Super a machine-rolled kretek cigarette in the Regular Premium class, is made from top-grade Javanese and Madurese tobacco, blended together with premium quality cloves that have been rendered extremely fine through Djarum’s Superfine Clove™ process. The finished product is distinguished by its fruity, aromatic flavor.The distinctly masculine red-and-black packaging bears a gold accent that represents the premium quality of the Djarum Super cigarettes.

First introduced in 1981, by 1989 Djarum Super was the number one best selling high-end cigarette in Indonesia. Djarum Super continues to be known as a premium product in Indonesia thanks to careful efforts to maintain its quality and image.

Evoking a sense of pride. Djarum Super Clove Cigarettes is a well known symbol of the kretek world.

Djarum Super :
1 carton contains 10 packs.
1 pack contains 12 cigarettes.
Tar Volume 32 mg Nicotine Volume 1.8 mg.