Djarum LA Lights Mild


Djarum LA Lights Clove Cigarettes

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Product Description

Made of triple-blended cloves and tobacco, Djarum L.A Lights delivers a refreshingly smooth, light taste.

Djarum LA Lights Mild is a low tar low nicotine, machine-rolled kretek cigarette popular with the young and modern. Its smooth and satisfying taste comes from the patented Triple Blended™ manufacturing process, in which finely ground tobacco and cloves are mixed three times to yield its unique flavor.

Introduced in 1996 with sleek, stylish, predominantly pearly-white packaging, the slim, clean lines of the cigarette sticks underscore the L.A Lights image of effortless living. A kretek for the new generation.

Djarum LA Lights Mild :
1 carton contains 10 packs.
1 pack contains 16 cigarettes.
Tar Volume 25 mg Nicotine Volume 1.6 mg.

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