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Djarum Cigarillos Cigar

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Djarum Cigarillos is cigar from Kudus east Java. The processing with unique flavor then quality tobacco and clove make djarum cigarillos enjoyable and compete in international cigars.

The manufactures of clove cigarettes is incredibly process in several place in Indonesia, kretek contain not just only domestic quality tobaccos but use variation such as clove, nutmeg, flavoring and a mysterious sauce. Clove cigarette manufactures by special fragrance pleasure from typical Indonesian cultural and traditions.

where in the early 1881, kretek cigarette use for healing and thought to help asthma and some ethnic for worship to the God, with this invention make clove cigarette popular in market and nearly 1990 several successful tobacco companies in Indonesia start to commercialize the cigarettes of kretek to the world..

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