Dunhill Switch on sale

Dunhill Switch on sale

Dunhill Switch on sale to $28 a carton. Dunhill Switch normal price is $29 a carton. This promo valid until Nov 30, 2012. So hurry ordered …

What is Dunhill Switch?
This cool and refreshing cigarette is perfect for menthol lovers, smells and tastes good! The ball inside gives you the refreshing and cool feel of menthol without being too harsh once you pop it, smoking it without crushing the ball gives you a mint flavor too.

A filter with a small liquid-filled flavor capsule is part of the cigarette. When customers click the filter to release the flavor from the capsule while smoking, they can indulge in a second taste of menthol.

Dunhill SWITCH goes a step further, decorated with a dotted line on the stick, dubbed Blenders’ MarkTM, which lets smokers know when to activate the capsule for the most refreshing finish.

Dunhill Switch :
1 carton contains 10 packs.
1 pack contains 20 cigarettes.
Tar Volume 13 mg Nicotine Volume 1 mg.