Djarum Black is a clove cigarette

Djarum Black is a clove cigarette

Djarum black is a clove cigarette (kretek). Djarum black is one of the cigarette products of Djarum brand. The cigarette itself is rolled with black, flavored paper. The cigarette features a clove flavor both in scent and taste, and the paper has a sweet taste. It is made with natural Indonesian tobacco, and is widely distributed throughout the world. Djarum black is one of the most popular sub brands of Djarum cigarettes. The package bears an embossed Djarum gramophone stylus logo, and a stylized red “A” in the word “Black”. Djarum Blacks are a medium potency cigarette, comparable with “Medium” flavor cigarettes of many other common brands like Marlboro, though their tastes are dissimilar, attributable to the Asian “Srintil” versus American tobacco and the addition of cloves.

By weight, cloves make up about 40% of the cigarette, the remaining 60% being tobacco. The filter of Djarum Black cigarettes are coated in a spiced “sauce”, flavored with spices native to the region; mainly the taste is of clove, cardamom, and cinnamon; the “sauce” is also rather sweet. Blacks are packed much tighter than most American brands of cigarettes, and tend to be hard to draw from for the first few drags.

They also have a tendency to go out if not drawn from regularly, an effect that is exaggerated if the user packs the cigarettes prior to use. An additional effect of tight packing is the propensity for Blacks to burn 1/4-1/3 longer than more common brands, though this is of course dependant on the individual smoker as well.

Smoke a Djarum black cigaretteand the first thing you notice upon removing it from your lips is the lingering, sweet taste of the exotic spices lacing the tobacco. Long adored by college students and bohemian-types, Djarum black cigarettes have experienced a surge in popularity in the US since the 1990s, especially among younger Americans. The smoke offers a distinctive, sophisticated taste, unlike regular cigarettes such as Marlboros or Camels, which can often taste burly and rough-hewn.

Clove cigarettes presently are produced under few popular brands. Out of which one Djarum Black is most desired. While production clove cigarettes, aside from mixing up of clove and tobacco there may be seasoning and to reduce the taste. The clove cigarette won’t have nicotine alone, however the fact is just equivalent. Is really a popular tariff of clove cigarette is over non-clove cigarettes, few persons have strong craze and longing for these cigarettes and waste your money to achieve 100 % satisfaction. This overpriced factor is responsible while in the lowering of the consumption of clove cigarettes. Djarum Black holds international recognition considering its blending system involving using top quality tobacco and cloves in order to differentiate from others has unambiguously different black covering..