Customer Service

I want my Customers to be happy and satisfy with my product and services, and I want you to contact me to tell me both the good things (I love that) and about the things that can be improved.

If you have questions, maybe you can find the answer on the FAQ page.

I will answer all relevant emails and messages within 24 hours on all working days under normal conditions. Working hours are from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM West Indonesian Time (UTC/GMT +7), Monday to Friday. Please don’t spam.

Working days

I normally work all days except for holidays and vacation. On these days I have my maximum 24 hours delivery time for regular products and other specified time for other custom products, and often orders are delivered much quicker also (within minutes), as it all works automatically. I will update here in advance which time I’m on holiday or on vacation. During these times the delivery times and email response times can get longer, though I will do my best to care for orders and contacts made during these times also. As many things works automatically, the delivery times for regular normal items shouldn’t be affected even during these holidays and vacations and most orders are often effectively delivered within minutes.

Report Problems and Wrong Information

It’s very important to me that the information you find on this site is right and up to date and that the site is easy to access at all times. If you find any information that seems to be wrong I’m very happy if you report it to me so that it can be corrected; no matter if it’s regarding the products or other information. Please also report if you have problems accessing the site. You can report it by sending a message from this page..